Brief Introduction

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Guangzhou Number Seven Middle School was originally Pooi To Girls’ School founded in Five Saints Arch in Guangzhou City by Miss Emma Young, who was sent to China by Southern Baptist Convention of America. The school was started on March 3rd, 1888 and relocated to Goose-pond in Dongshan district, where the new campus was designed by an Australian architect Mr. Arthur W. Purnell. The school was not officially run by Chinese until 1932 and its current name has been adopted since 1962.

Covering an area of 35,863 square meters, Guangzhou Number Seven Middle School now is a public, coeducational comprehensive day school for students aged 12--18 years. So far there are altogether 229 teaching staff members and 2,856 students. Being one of the earliest province-level schools, it is honored as both National Demonstration Senior High School of Guangdong Province and Provincial Senior High School of Educational Excellence. Meanwhile, it is the Model Unit of Guangdong as well as Pioneering Model Unit of Guangzhou. Since 1994, it has been continuously for 18 years awarded the first prize by Guangzhou Municipal Government for the extraordinary performance in the entrance exams to both high school and university. Besides its traditionally advantageous School Track and Field teams, Orchestra, Chorus, Basketball Teams, Radio Club, etc, the school has also set up a special course “Modern Multi-design” and has carried out a nationwide project known as “Four-in-one Advanced Teaching Mode”, quite influential at home and abroad.

The school has been witnessing numerous outstanding graduates under the direction of the school motto “Love, Integrity, Faith and Perseverance”. Here are some examples. Ms Li Fanghua, now an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, graduating in 1949, was titled Loreal World Outstanding Female Scientist by the United Nations in 1993. Ms Katherine Cheung, a graduate in 1921, has been memorized in history as the first Chinese woman to get the pilot’s license in the USA. Ms Zhong Huasun graduated in 1962 and she was awarded the 39th Florence Nightingale Medal. Mr Ye Quanzhi, a young graduate in 2006, is the first Asian to win NEO Shoemaker Award by the International Planetary Society, which, in October 2007, approved that a newly-discovered asteroid, Sui Qizhong, meaning Guangzhou Number Seven Middle School, was named by Mr. Ye after his alma mater to show his endless gratitude to the school.